Find Your Right Fit

Who is it for

Ambitious women who want to do something different, who need a change, and/or who want more freedom and meaning in what they do, but need clarity on where their strengths, skills, experience, interests, and knowledge can be applied.


This program runs over the course of 6 weeks, and includes six (6), 90-minute group coaching sessions.

The Promise:
As a participant in this program you can expect to receive group coaching, discussion, exercises, and reflection time to:

Group coaching sessions are offered via Zoom Meeting. Spaces are limited to ten spots to ensure a more intimate community can be developed and supported. *For an additional cost, two 1:1 sessions (per person) can be added to this program.

*All coaching program outcomes and results may vary and are dependent upon client actions taken using the support, exercises, and information offered by the coach during program sessions.