Welcome Ambitious Women!

I am Life & Leadership Coach, Michelle Hurlburt

– and I can proudly (and unapologetically) say that I am an AMBITIOUS woman.

I have always had this ambitious streak, however, I was not always clear, confident, nor committed to everything I have tried or done in my life. This means I have first-hand experience with the ups and downs of managing relationships, changing career interests and goals, starting and managing new businesses, and as a result, knowing when it was time to stretch and evolve in a role – or get out of it.

For many years, I lived my life on autopilot just doing things – achieving one thing after another, but never really knowing why. In hindsight, I was unaware, unhappy, and always looking for something to fill the “void” I felt within me. I thought if I experienced more, accomplished more, did different things that no others in my life had done, I would be “happy”. Then, one day, I realized I was lying to myself and others about how I was feeling. I was not being true to myself or my values, and so, I was not living the life I wanted – the life I knew I could have and deserved. 

But, the path to clarity and success is never a straight line. It takes twists and turns, ups and downs, tried and failed, disappointments and unbelievable joy to get to where you are meant to be in life. My professional and personal growth path has been no exception. I have been:

Currently, I am the founder and owner of 3DLife Consulting, a coaching business for go-getter women who have that nagging feeling or voice in their minds telling them it is time to level-up or make a new start.

As a Life & Leadership Coach, I help women understand and recognize what is the right fit, or the next level for them, and I help those who know they need to move on to develop an exit strategy that makes sense and is realistic for them. 

I know with 100% confidence that I can help you do this, not only because of my own personal journey, but because of the professional experiences and learning I have done over the last 25 years: 

How much longer are you willing to wait to show up 100% clear, confident, and committed to have the life you want?

I look forward to connecting with you soon.